Wednesday, November 12, 2014


You just need one song to play on repeat to write the three papers that accumulate to 13 pages that are due next week.

Last week it was this song:

And this week it's this song:
I heard in a store a few weeks ago and forgot all about how I loved it.
Then the Lord came down to tell me loves me and put it on the radio.
Did I write it down like I told myself to do while it was playing?
No because I was lost in Seattle again even though I've lived here for over a year now.
But I am a great detective and found it this morning and have been playing it for the last hour and would you believe it?!
I have one paper/5 pages done. Only 2 papers, and 8 pages to go.

Helene in Between Song of the Week Wednesday

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

To the guests of restaurants...

There's just this little thing I need to get off my chest.
Yesterday a family left me a $0.07 tip. 
This happens usually at least once while working one of my shifts.
It sucks every time, but it is out of my control.
I typically throw a little fit for a minute and then move on reminding myself there are other decent people in this world.

Here's the thing with yesterday though.
I watched this family place at least give $100 bills on the table.
So it wasn't the fact they couldn't afford a tip that was the problem.
The problem they had with me was the silverware.
It was dirty and I had not noticed since I didn't set the table and had a full section.
The mother yelled at me for the silverware being dirty and the complained that it was not rolled in napkins.

These problems she had were out of my control.
I did not set the table and I am not in control of deciding how we display silverware on the tables. So her excuse for leaving me $0.07 was because the silverware was dirty.
For some reason her tip will hit me this time.

To me, it seemed as if she told that my service was only worth $0.07.
And I took it as me not being worthy of even a dollar which wouldn't even be close to a 10% tip. While I know I shouldn't have taken it so hard, the point in sharing that with you is because that's how most servers feel when this happens to them.

She didn't have enough respect to even tell me why she thought I was only worth of a $0.07 tip.
Some servers are in the restaurant industry to make the money that can come with the job.
But some servers, like me, are trying to make means meet or work towards a goal.
I didn't join this industry willingly. I joined it because it meets an always changing school schedule and allows me to live in an expensive city and make my ends meet most months.

And I especially did not join this job for you to tell me what I am worth, but that doesn't stop you from telling me. You think you have a right to define what I am worth, what I am qualified at, and what I deserve. Do you realize you hold in your hands the ability for me to pay my rent, to pay for food, and gas to work?

I know we all work with people who make our jobs miserable at times, who make us want to get ugly in their faces and tell them how we truly feel, and who make us feel like screaming at the top of our lungs. I write this only to remind you the holiday's are coming up. This season is the busiest for the restaurant industry. Sometimes it brings in the most joyous and grateful people around and sometimes it brings in the most ungrateful and rude people around.

If you're going out to eat this holiday season, try to keep in mind that the people serving you are human just like you. They make mistakes, they mess up, and they are trying to survive like you. Also keep in mind, most servers want to ensure you have a quality visit. We do not show up to work with plans to ruin your visit and your meal experience with family. If anything, we just want you to be thankful for us. 

So be joyous, be grateful, and be thankful.
If you cannot leave a tip then at least do the above because all people deserve that.

The girl just wanting to make your holiday as bright and merry as possible
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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Avoiding Paper Writing

So I have this 3 page paper I am supposed to be writing right now and I just have no desire to do it. I've got 5 weeks of school left and I have been working hard. There is something about this paper though that I do not even want to do. I do not want to do it so bad that I contemplated not doing it at all and taking a zero. Now, will I do that? No, of course not because I am better than that.

I will tell you what I am excited about at the moment though.

1.) I started Christmas shopping early and I have gotten some great deals. The besties are done, the little brother, the nephew, the niece, the mother-boyfriend-in-law. Pretty much they are the easiest to shop for so I should not be giving myself too much credit. I still have to shop for the hardest people which I am not looking forward to at all.

2.) My bestie from L.A. is coming to visit in two weeks. When you live in Washington, it's ridiculously expensive for people to come see you. I am not sure why, but since living here I have not had many visitors. I am so excited to spend a few days with her since we haven't seen each other since February. And the best part is she is bringing her boy-toy or boyfriend, whichever you prefer to call it.

3.) There are only 5 weeks of the semester left. A break is in the near future and I am still two-weeks ahead of the schedule which hopefully means I'll be done with everything at the beginning of the semester.

4.) The Holiday season is upon us which means my job will pick up again. For the last two months its been ridiculously slow so money has been minimal in my life. I am thankful for the next month and a half to work hard and start to save again.

5.) I started paying off my lowest student loan in January this year. It was around $6,000 and I am just under $2,000. I don't know about you, but that's pretty impressive to me. I'd like to have it all paid off by the end of December. I know that's a pretty steep goal, but I'm hoping with the holiday work hours and Christmas money that I may just be able to do it. I still have a larger loan to pay off, but making it to just one loan is so exciting! Maybe if I win some of these giveaways, I can get there. Fingers crossed!

What are you procrastinating on and looking forward to?
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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Burning Fire To the Life that I Know

That itch has come around for change again.

(Play this if you want to know how I'm feeling while you read.)

Last year the itch was to do something other than school.
Instead of giving up on school, the change came in adding another year on to my schedule to free up more time and allow me to really take in what I am learning.

But nonetheless, the itch is back and it's really itchy.
I've been in the restaurant industry since I started working back in 2008. 
Hostess to server and this is where I've been.
In July, I switched to a new cheesecake factory and I think that got rid of the itch for a while, but now its back.

I won't lie: being a server can bring in a lot of money. 
If it's a good week of serving, I can make $500 in tips which does not include my hourly wage and that's typically a 25 hour work week at the most.
I'm fearful of unleashing that information because of the judgement servers receive for their pay by many.
Making that $500 is not easy and it is not guaranteed. 
On average I get stiffed by at least one table and get treated poorly by at least two during a shift.
I get yelled at for food being cooked wrong or because they are simply having a bad day.
Both are out of my control, yet I reap to anger and resentment. 

The job is draining my energy.
I have little desire to work at the moment.
And the itch is back for something new.
But I'm ignoring it because I'm not sure I can get a better job at the moment.
Being in grad school means you need flexibility with a job and cheesecake is so flexible.
They honor my school schedule, I can typically get a shift picked up if school work becomes too heavy, and the pay is just so good.

My plan is to ignore the itch until the end of the holiday season.
1.) Because it feels wrong of me to leave the restaurant during their busiest season. I've made a commitment to them and I will honor that.
2.) I cannot imagine finding a new job in the midst of the hardest part of my semester. 

But come January, I think I need to find a way to relieve my itch. 
I need a new direction or something new.
But I still need flexibility.

Maybe the itch is a different restaurant to serve at or something completely new to me.
Either way I need something new.

What jobs do you suggest for a student?
What part-time jobs were your favorite growing up?
Where do you suggest I go?

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Best Halloween Memory

I just have to say that I love Halloween.
I spend most of the year thinking of different costume ideas and struggle picking one each year.
Last year I wanted to be Katy Perry so bad so I was. 

 I think the blue wig and the tutu is about the only reason I may look like Katy Perry.

For some reason I just really like costumes that require wearing a wig or dying your hair. 
I dyed my hair red so that I could be teenage pebbles and secretly ended up wearing this costume again last year after hating my Katy Perry costume.

But the best Halloween memory has no picture. I'm sure my mom has a picture stashed away somewhere but I do not have access to it. 
I was in 5th or 6th grade and I went as a witch. 
I had to wear an old wig that itched like crazy and I just was not a cute witch.
Halfway through trick-or-treating I decided I did not want to be a witch anymore and decided to be E.T. dressed as a witch. I walked up to every door saying "E.T. phone home."
My dad hated it so much that he begged me to stop doing it, but of course I thought it was hilarious and would not stop.

Going from a witch to E.T. is pretty impressive if I do say so myself. 
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Monday, October 6, 2014

10 Things I Lied to Myself about Blogging

1.) It's easy to get followers.
No it is not. I set a goal last year to get 50 GFC followers and that number did not change all year long.
2.) I will write every day. 365 days of the year. Even on Holidays!
Hahahahahahaha! That's all I have to say about that.
3.) I will leave comments on every blog post I read.
I apologize, I just don't do that. I know I'm a horrible blogger.
4.) I will make lots of money doing this.
Nope. Nada. Zilch.
5.) I have so much to say I'll never run out of ideas.
Umm, what? Am I crazy?
6.) I will not write about the people I am dating.
Another haha to add to this one. Those poor guys.
7.) I won't share personal pictures out of privacy for family and friends.
Sorry family and friends, but you're just too cute not to share with the world.

8.) I will write only about my passions, my heart, and my life.
And then I should have added that I will write about my pins on pinterest, the music I am listening to, and my opinions.

9.) That I could actually come up with ten things.

I'm done. 

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall Bucket List

1. Pumpkin Patch and Carving/Glittering

2.) Family Time
My grandmother, my boyfriend, and I all fly into Indiana on the same day.
Family reunion/meet the parents will be in full swing. Brad has only met my parents via Skype so this is the first time he will meet my entire family and I am so excited. 2 weeks and counting!
3.) New Fall Outfits
I am taking my outfits and fall-i-fying them. No use in buying new clothes even though I want to because my clothes can totally be made into fall outfits.
4.) Halloween Costumes.
Let's be real, I've been thinking about costumes since last Halloween.
Which one do you think I'll pick?


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