Friday, October 2, 2015

To the Greatest Woman Alive

Obviously one of these women is me and I am not about to write about how I am the greatest woman alive. The other woman is my mother and today is her birthday. 

For the longest time I always thought my mother's birthday was on October 3rd. 
Why? I have no idea. I just could not get it in my head it was the 2nd of October.
And then I moved away and I never forgot the date again.
Life is weird sometimes.

Anyways, back to the woman above.
I know we all think we have the best mother, but here's why mine is THE best!

1. Hospitality.
There cannot be anyone else more hospitable than my mom.
She has taught me how to throw an awesome party, how to treat people when they come into your home, and how to give them the best goodbyes.
Thanks to her my friends only wanted to have parties at my house which made my house "the cool house."
Oh, we also always had a freezer packed with pizza rolls and fish sticks.
If you haven't had those together, go to the store and try it!
It's awesome!

2. Confidence.
My mom is 5 foot, if that.
But her confidence makes her taller than she seems.
This woman instilled in me to stand taller than I am, think smarter than I am, and be better than I am. She taught me that I determine where I stand, not others.
Thanks to her I do not get walked all over by people.

3. Love
Some people think love means being supported, cared for, desired, etc.
And yes, it does mean that.
But my mother taught me a type of love that I think some never experience.
My mom taught me to love from a distance.
She allowed me to make my own mistakes, to learn how to say "I'm sorry," and to learn how to ask for forgiveness. 
This is love people.
Love cares, desires, hopes for, and pushes you to learn.

I could go on and on, but these are the top reasons why the greatest woman alive is my mother and is the reason to celebrate her today!

Happy Birthday Mom!
I love and miss you tons!
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Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Goals

Happy Fall Ya'll!

One of my most favorite things about fall is driving down the road and seeing the leaves on the tree's change colors. Luckily, Seattle has had very few rainy days which means I have been able to enjoy the fall transition more this year!

Of course today is the start of a new month which means new goals to share with you!
My goals were super easy last month and wouldn't you know I actually did a really good job avoiding Starbucks. Apparently you have to not make it a goal to actually succeed at that one!

October Goals

 1.| Eat Breakfast.
I have never been a big breakfast eater, but I got into a good routine this summer about eating it everyday. But lately I've been waking up not hungry and just skipping breakfast altogether. 
I know it's essential to eat something every morning so my goal is to eat one thing if and when I feel hungry.

2.| Try a little harder at the gym.
I'm over the stage of just going to the gym and making that a goal.
I've accomplished that and now I realized I need to start pushing myself more.
My goal is to at least have one of my workouts during the week leaving me sore the next day.
My current gym rotation is always 20 minutes of cardio and then I focus on my arms, legs, or abs. 

3.| Drink more water.
I do not typically have a problem with this, but I saw how important it was to focus on this after not drinking enough water this weekend. My whole body felt out of it and I got a charlie horse in my leg! I have a Starbucks 24 oz. cup and my goal is to drink at least 3 full cups a day with a hope of doing 4 a day. 

It seems as the month of October may be a focus on health for my goals this month.
What are your goals?
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Monday, September 28, 2015

2 Years

2 years ago I could not have imagined I would be where I am today
with you.

I never would have imagined OkCupid! would be the way I would meet my future husband, but it worked out in our favor. You've taught me to love Sushi, fast cars, tool's, and the color Red.
I've learned more about Mine-craft than I could ever care to know and you've started to speak in psychological lingo.

You've treated me to one too many Starbucks's dates, plenty of Mexican dinners, and ice-cream sundae runs when I am feeling blue.

 You were patient as I cried every few weeks about whether you and I were going to have a future together and created the most beautiful proposal that I never could have imagined. 

You've loved me through all the grad school tears, the tears because I miss my family and friends, and tears for silly things. And the way you comfort and make me feel safe and secure in your arms is something I will never tire of.

 You continually remind me that it is all going to be okay and never judge me when I come home with a shopping bag. 

I love you more than words can say and am so happy to have spent 730 days of my life with you so far.

Happy Anniversary to my ride or die!
I love you!
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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

My First Job

I have a lot of amazing memories from my first job.
I was 16 and I wanted a job so bad.
Weird, right? Most 16 year old's do not want to work.
But I have always been an independent, hard worker and I think I just needed to have a way to provide for myself.

My parent's eventually agreed to let me search for one and I began to the process.
I cannot remember all the places I applied to.
It eventually came down to the YMCA and a restaurant called Piper's.

I interviewed at the YMCA and remember being super terrified. 
It was my first interview ever and I had no idea I needed to have questions ready to ask them and I just had zero ideas about what I was getting into.

Piper's was a little easier. 
I went in to fill out my application.
Met with one of the owner's and that was it.

YMCA offered me a job, but I wanted to think about it.
For some reason, I wanted the job at Piper's so bad.
I should preference that my best friend worked for the catering side of the restaurant and I thought it would be awesome to work alongside my best friend.
I wanted the job so bad that I emailed the owner practically begging for the job.
She gave me a trial run as a hostess for the upcoming Friday night.

I came in and learned all that a hostess does and next thing I knew I was being offered a job.
I worked for Piper's for 7 years and while it was not always easy, I absolutely loved my job.
I was a hostess and eventually moved to serving.
I bussed a lot of tables, dealt with ridiculous customer requests, and shared a lot of laughs with my co-workers.

Not all people can say they loved their first job and that they miss it, but I can.
Piper's became a home and a family for me.
I will always love my first job.
Thanks to TheLadders for the inspiration for this post!
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Monday, September 7, 2015

Welcome to this Blog!

I was so honored to have a spotlight appearance on Angie's Blog this weekend.
It was my first spotlight ever and I am hoping some day when finances are not so tight that I can do that more often.
With that said, I realize I may have had some new visitors to this place and I'd love to let you know more about me.

1.| I am a graduate student studying to get my masters in Counseling Psychology.
I spend most of my days studying between jobs and reading lots of books.
This is the big red building I attend.
I'm in year 3 out of 4 which means this year is filled with studying Psychopathology, practicing counseling on classmates, and gearing up to apply for internships!

2.| I'm from Indiana but moved to Washington!

Both of these places are home to me. My entire family is in Indiana, but I am growing my family in Washington.

3.| I got engaged this year on my birthday!

This man is the love of my life. He is Washington born and bred and I'm the mid-west girl.
We met on a dating app, started dating a month after our first date and have been inseparable since.

4.| Blogging on this site can be sparse some months and very busy other months.
Because my head is typically wrapped up in a book from August until June it can be difficult for me to get the creative side of me rolling. But there are also months where this is the space where I get away from the psychological mindset. I've been blogging for 6 years now and I just have never been one to blog consistently. I try hard to, but I believe this space is more for me than anyone else. 

Welcome if you're new, hello again if you're returning, and I'll see you soon!
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Thursday, September 3, 2015



Best of Kygo.
I'm obsessed with all the songs!

From home a lot.
I ate out a lot with my nanny kids and I missed eating at home so much.
Leftovers are my jam!

Lots of water and homemade iced mocha's.
Can you believe I didn't say Starbucks?

It's finally not hot which means sweaters, jackets, and these two new target shirts

Very happy I started school assignments early.
So much reading and so little time!

Saturday to be here quicker so that I can go explore Portland for the first time ever!
Send me suggestions if you have any!

My in-laws cats to stop waking me up at 5 a.m.

How grateful I am to breathe in a new day and to start with a clean slate.

The weather, the season, people, and life.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September Goals

First off, let me just admit that I failed as a blogger this month.
I blogged a total of two times. 
With vacations, long work days, and throwing myself into school work I just lost the time.
And I'll be honest, it was nice not to make this a priority in my life.
This is a space for me to simply share with others.
Maybe some day it'll become a business for me, but for now it's just my journal I'm sharing with everyone.

Okay Recap of August Goals:
August Goals

1.| No Starbucks! 
I'm going to allow myself Starbucks on my trip to Washington D.C.
But I will make my espresso at home for this month.
Haha once again this never happens. I'll be sure not to make it a goal this month.

2.| Stick to my 30 Day Strength Builder challenge!
I am on week two this week and so far I'm going strong.
Other than a week of being sick, I am still finishing up my challenge!

3.|Get a head start on school work.
Just waiting on the syllabus to come out
I would say I worked hard and I got a lot of reading down. Hopefully the stress will be minimal this term.

4.| Save, Save, Save
I've got a Christmas plane ticket to save for and my wedding.
I'm going to do my best at avoiding my urge to new school year clothes shop.
I think I did good at this? Not a ton of side job money this month, but I did make $100 in poshmark sales so that helps!

September Goals:

1.| Stay on top of gym time.
After being sick for a week, I kind of lost the motivation to push myself to the gym, but I am determined to use the gym as a stress reliever for school.

2.| Watch what I eat.
Summer nanny meant eating out a lot and not focusing on what I ate. I want to be more conscious of what I am filling myself with and ensure it's energy boosting and only a cheat meal every once in a while.

3.| Enjoy the fall weather.
This is the season I love and I want to make the most out of it.

What are you planning on achieving this month?
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