Sunday, December 21, 2014

Spectacular Now

The most spectacular thing happened yesterday.
I walked out of this restaurant:
And I did not look back. I marched on, head held high with happiness.

My itch has been relieved. A change has occurred and I am happy. 
I spent this past week receiving a little taste of what 2015 will bring for me.
Being nanny will have difficult moments, but I think it will be filled with more meaningful and beautiful moments than cheesecake.

The restaurant industry has blessed me in many ways.
It began in 2008. I applied for a job at the YMCA and was accepted, but I wanted to be a hostess at a restaurant so bad that I practically begged for a position.
Thanks to a wonderful woman in my life, she called me up and gave me a chance and hired me after my first day. It became my first job and I have spent many hours, days, and years in this industry.

It has provided me with a way to live and get by, with lessons learned, opportunities to grow and become more assertive. It provided me with friends and a second family. It provided me with joy for a long time. 

But as of lately the joy disappeared so I needed to part ways before I became too bitter to ever look back on the goodness. 

Today starts the day of a new journey and I welcome it with open arms!
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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Two Days in of Being Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins, how did you do it?

I'm not singing to birds yet.
My bag hasn't magically turned into something that holds everything.
And that hair style, I cannot even attempt to try you.

Okay, it really is not that bad.
I am in day two of my morning nanny gig and the kids are quite lovely.
Today we played balloon volley ball for ten minutes.
I will take balloon volley ball over serving any day.
Yeah, I got paid for playing with a balloon today.
Be jealous!

But that hard part is waking up to the horrendous noise at 5:50 in the morning.
I am sure that's quite a late start to some of you, but for me that's almost like death.
I do not know what it is about being up before 6 a.m. but my body is hating me for waking up before 6 the last two days. I expect to be fully awake around 11 and instead my body says "No, you suck. Get some Starbucks"
And so I get some Starbucks and my body decides to be somewhat nice to me, but it still slightly angry. 

Someone please tell me early mornings get easier the longer you do it.
Despite the morning, it really is quite fun to be able to wear my own clothes (no uniform!) and help little kids get ready for their day.

The little boy loves to count. Today he babbled on about how he has to wait 765 days for Christmas even though it's 9 days away. I have no idea what he meant, but he was set in his ways. And the little girl is so sweet. She loves to help her brother and tried to teach him division today even though he is only learning how to add right now. They're geniuses, I tell ya!

Okay, just thought I should let you into the Mary Poppins world a little bit and show you how happy I am despite the early wake-up call. Having breakfast with my man in the morning makes it pretty perfect too. 
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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Itch

Anybody remember this post from a few weeks ago?
Basically, I talked about how I had an itch for change.
I have been talking about this itch for a while.
As I told a friend at school about my itch, I said "it's either my job or my hair."
And while it is always fun to change your hair, I really need to stop taking out my need for change on my hair. And yes, my hair thanked me for this by deciding to go back to its perfect waves out of the shower air drying ways.

Well, the good news is that the itch has been relieved. 
It has been scratched and soothed and it is happy.
Ready for the news?
Okay, here we go...

My new movement in life is to be Mary Poppins.
Yep, I am going to walk around with the bag that gives everything, sing about spoon full's of sugar, and jump into sidewalk art.
Okay, so maybe I won't be doing all that, but I am going to be a nanny.

After taking my human growth and development class this year, I feel I have a better understanding of the child development process and how important it is build healthy relationships at all points in life. Because of this class it made me realize I could be in a happier place by making my job to pay my bills almost like my future job in a way.
No, I won't be counseling these kids although I am sure it will come out unconsciously or consciously, but I will be practicing the building of relationships with children, teens, and families.

I am very excited for this new opportunity and cannot wait to share the stories and the learning that will come. I appreciate those who have thought of me during this time of need for change and for the ideas given to me. I never thought being a nanny would be something I would put on my resume, but I am excited for the change and the adventure ahead. 

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

3 years ago

3 years ago I made a Facebook status that said this:

"I keep dreaming about Washington. I need to be where my heart is!"

I had no idea that my heart was being prepared for man that I met by chance or maybe fate.
3 years ago I was trying to fill my loneliness with guys I was not really interested in. 
I was doing everything to find love, but I had no idea a love was being cultivated in my heart for this guy:

(Yes, he went as my number one fan and fulfilled my dream of being Taylor Swift for Halloween.)

Everyday he makes me smile, pushes me towards a better life, and constantly encourages me.
He won the heart of my family and I am so excited to continue life together.
We may not be on the express train to the alter, but he is the one man I would wait years for to pop that question I have been waiting for forever. 

I know it's cheesy to make so many posts about him, but I cannot help it.
He has been my cheerman through this journey of living in the Pacific North West and I am so blessed to have him in my life.

I love you Bradley!
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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hey Good Lookin', What You Got Cookin'

I was so blessed this past week to have my best friend and her boyfriend come to visit me.
We spent time playing Euchre, sight-seeing around Seattle, and catching up.
We also did a lot of cooking and we cooked some delicious meals that I thought I would shared with you!

My go-to breakfast dish is what I like to call Breakfast Sausage Casserole.
If you search how to make this, you will probably find multiple recipes for it.
But here is my advice: always go for the one that requires bread, sausage, cheese, eggs, and milk of some sort. Almost all of them call for mustard, but who wants mustard with breakfast? I sure don't!
Here's the closest recipe I could find: 

I was a great hostess and gave this to my best friend and her boyfriend for breakfast.
Later on, I took leftover chicken and made chicken salad sandwiches.
This is how she and I literally survived college on a cheap budget.

All you need is chicken which can be canned or oven-roasted, mayo, and grapes.
And if grapes are too fancy you can get rid of that.
Take the chicken mix it with the amount of mayo you find necessary and dice some grapes.
Spread it on some bread and wa-lah!

For dinner, we got adventurous and tried a new recipe I pinned the other week. 
You need to make this right away.
For one you feel like a chef while making it while also having a semi-easy cooking night.
I will make the dish for the rest of my life.

 Smiles on their faces is how you know it was good.

Then we decided to have a friendsgiving where I made candied carrots.
A quick and simple side dish to bring to any party.
We used to have these every night at the restaurant I first worked at and they are delicious.
The recipe says it takes 40 minutes, but it really only took me 20.
I guess it truly depends on if you like squishy or crunchy carrots.

My last and final meal was to honor the time spent with my bestie.
In college, I stumbled upon a meal called million dollar spaghetti and it is the best meal in the world. She asks for it every time and I cannot resist saying no because I love it just as much. 

You can find the recipe on pinterest or by going to this blog Made from pinterest
It's kind of like lasagna, but not exactly.
Just make it and decide for yourself.

Basically I was a cook-a-holic this weekend and I loved every second of it.
What should I make next?

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014


You just need one song to play on repeat to write the three papers that accumulate to 13 pages that are due next week.

Last week it was this song:

And this week it's this song:
I heard in a store a few weeks ago and forgot all about how I loved it.
Then the Lord came down to tell me loves me and put it on the radio.
Did I write it down like I told myself to do while it was playing?
No because I was lost in Seattle again even though I've lived here for over a year now.
But I am a great detective and found it this morning and have been playing it for the last hour and would you believe it?!
I have one paper/5 pages done. Only 2 papers, and 8 pages to go.

Helene in Between Song of the Week Wednesday

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

To the guests of restaurants...

There's just this little thing I need to get off my chest.
Yesterday a family left me a $0.07 tip. 
This happens usually at least once while working one of my shifts.
It sucks every time, but it is out of my control.
I typically throw a little fit for a minute and then move on reminding myself there are other decent people in this world.

Here's the thing with yesterday though.
I watched this family place at least give $100 bills on the table.
So it wasn't the fact they couldn't afford a tip that was the problem.
The problem they had with me was the silverware.
It was dirty and I had not noticed since I didn't set the table and had a full section.
The mother yelled at me for the silverware being dirty and the complained that it was not rolled in napkins.

These problems she had were out of my control.
I did not set the table and I am not in control of deciding how we display silverware on the tables. So her excuse for leaving me $0.07 was because the silverware was dirty.
For some reason her tip will hit me this time.

To me, it seemed as if she told that my service was only worth $0.07.
And I took it as me not being worthy of even a dollar which wouldn't even be close to a 10% tip. While I know I shouldn't have taken it so hard, the point in sharing that with you is because that's how most servers feel when this happens to them.

She didn't have enough respect to even tell me why she thought I was only worth of a $0.07 tip.
Some servers are in the restaurant industry to make the money that can come with the job.
But some servers, like me, are trying to make means meet or work towards a goal.
I didn't join this industry willingly. I joined it because it meets an always changing school schedule and allows me to live in an expensive city and make my ends meet most months.

And I especially did not join this job for you to tell me what I am worth, but that doesn't stop you from telling me. You think you have a right to define what I am worth, what I am qualified at, and what I deserve. Do you realize you hold in your hands the ability for me to pay my rent, to pay for food, and gas to work?

I know we all work with people who make our jobs miserable at times, who make us want to get ugly in their faces and tell them how we truly feel, and who make us feel like screaming at the top of our lungs. I write this only to remind you the holiday's are coming up. This season is the busiest for the restaurant industry. Sometimes it brings in the most joyous and grateful people around and sometimes it brings in the most ungrateful and rude people around.

If you're going out to eat this holiday season, try to keep in mind that the people serving you are human just like you. They make mistakes, they mess up, and they are trying to survive like you. Also keep in mind, most servers want to ensure you have a quality visit. We do not show up to work with plans to ruin your visit and your meal experience with family. If anything, we just want you to be thankful for us. 

So be joyous, be grateful, and be thankful.
If you cannot leave a tip then at least do the above because all people deserve that.

The girl just wanting to make your holiday as bright and merry as possible
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