Thursday, October 30, 2014

Burning Fire To the Life that I Know

That itch has come around for change again.

(Play this if you want to know how I'm feeling while you read.)

Last year the itch was to do something other than school.
Instead of giving up on school, the change came in adding another year on to my schedule to free up more time and allow me to really take in what I am learning.

But nonetheless, the itch is back and it's really itchy.
I've been in the restaurant industry since I started working back in 2008. 
Hostess to server and this is where I've been.
In July, I switched to a new cheesecake factory and I think that got rid of the itch for a while, but now its back.

I won't lie: being a server can bring in a lot of money. 
If it's a good week of serving, I can make $500 in tips which does not include my hourly wage and that's typically a 25 hour work week at the most.
I'm fearful of unleashing that information because of the judgement servers receive for their pay by many.
Making that $500 is not easy and it is not guaranteed. 
On average I get stiffed by at least one table and get treated poorly by at least two during a shift.
I get yelled at for food being cooked wrong or because they are simply having a bad day.
Both are out of my control, yet I reap to anger and resentment. 

The job is draining my energy.
I have little desire to work at the moment.
And the itch is back for something new.
But I'm ignoring it because I'm not sure I can get a better job at the moment.
Being in grad school means you need flexibility with a job and cheesecake is so flexible.
They honor my school schedule, I can typically get a shift picked up if school work becomes too heavy, and the pay is just so good.

My plan is to ignore the itch until the end of the holiday season.
1.) Because it feels wrong of me to leave the restaurant during their busiest season. I've made a commitment to them and I will honor that.
2.) I cannot imagine finding a new job in the midst of the hardest part of my semester. 

But come January, I think I need to find a way to relieve my itch. 
I need a new direction or something new.
But I still need flexibility.

Maybe the itch is a different restaurant to serve at or something completely new to me.
Either way I need something new.

What jobs do you suggest for a student?
What part-time jobs were your favorite growing up?
Where do you suggest I go?

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Best Halloween Memory

I just have to say that I love Halloween.
I spend most of the year thinking of different costume ideas and struggle picking one each year.
Last year I wanted to be Katy Perry so bad so I was. 

 I think the blue wig and the tutu is about the only reason I may look like Katy Perry.

For some reason I just really like costumes that require wearing a wig or dying your hair. 
I dyed my hair red so that I could be teenage pebbles and secretly ended up wearing this costume again last year after hating my Katy Perry costume.

But the best Halloween memory has no picture. I'm sure my mom has a picture stashed away somewhere but I do not have access to it. 
I was in 5th or 6th grade and I went as a witch. 
I had to wear an old wig that itched like crazy and I just was not a cute witch.
Halfway through trick-or-treating I decided I did not want to be a witch anymore and decided to be E.T. dressed as a witch. I walked up to every door saying "E.T. phone home."
My dad hated it so much that he begged me to stop doing it, but of course I thought it was hilarious and would not stop.

Going from a witch to E.T. is pretty impressive if I do say so myself. 
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Monday, October 6, 2014

10 Things I Lied to Myself about Blogging

1.) It's easy to get followers.
No it is not. I set a goal last year to get 50 GFC followers and that number did not change all year long.
2.) I will write every day. 365 days of the year. Even on Holidays!
Hahahahahahaha! That's all I have to say about that.
3.) I will leave comments on every blog post I read.
I apologize, I just don't do that. I know I'm a horrible blogger.
4.) I will make lots of money doing this.
Nope. Nada. Zilch.
5.) I have so much to say I'll never run out of ideas.
Umm, what? Am I crazy?
6.) I will not write about the people I am dating.
Another haha to add to this one. Those poor guys.
7.) I won't share personal pictures out of privacy for family and friends.
Sorry family and friends, but you're just too cute not to share with the world.

8.) I will write only about my passions, my heart, and my life.
And then I should have added that I will write about my pins on pinterest, the music I am listening to, and my opinions.

9.) That I could actually come up with ten things.

I'm done. 

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall Bucket List

1. Pumpkin Patch and Carving/Glittering

2.) Family Time
My grandmother, my boyfriend, and I all fly into Indiana on the same day.
Family reunion/meet the parents will be in full swing. Brad has only met my parents via Skype so this is the first time he will meet my entire family and I am so excited. 2 weeks and counting!
3.) New Fall Outfits
I am taking my outfits and fall-i-fying them. No use in buying new clothes even though I want to because my clothes can totally be made into fall outfits.
4.) Halloween Costumes.
Let's be real, I've been thinking about costumes since last Halloween.
Which one do you think I'll pick?


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Friday, October 3, 2014

One Thing I Cannot Live Without

I seriously have been sitting her for days thinking about this one.
The truth is I can live without a lot. Yes, I like a lot of the stuff I won, but it's not always necessary. So I'm turning to the necessity in my life which is people.
Specifically, my family.
This is my immediate family:

I cannot live without any of these beings above, but I also cannot live without the beings below as well. They are my family as well.


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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dream job in 1994 to now

Oh the mind of a 4 year old when thinking about your future.
I am sure like most kids my dream job changed constantly.
My first dream just like any kid was to be a superstar.
I dreamed of singing at the big stage. Sometimes I practiced the littler mermaid songs in a grass skirt to be legit and I'm pretty sure I had multiple boa's. I thought I was born to be a singer.

Then I went through this stage of going back and forth between being a firefighter or a news anchor.

I'm not sure why either of these intrigued me because I would be the worst at them
In high school, I was convinced I should be a matchmaker despite the fact my matches broke up after a few months. Patty was my inspiration. She's feisty and sassy. I am totally that!

And today I am pursuing my masters in counseling psychology. What exactly will I do when I'm done? No idea! But I know I want a job that involves working with individuals and helping them reach self-actualization.
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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

If I Won the Lottery...

I'm participating in...
Winning the lottery has been on my mind lately.
1.) Because the boyfriend buys lottery tickets each week. He usually makes his money back and I usually lose. Lucky me.
2.) I'm tired of being a semi-poor graduate student.

If I won the lottery, I would do the following...
1.) Pay off my student debt. This is the number one goal at the moment because that number is not getting smaller.

If you want to make this goal happen now, please vote for me or my brother. We're both competing for the Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway Scholarship. As much I as I could use the money, I truly believe in my brothers dream and know he is going to do great things in music.

To vote for me
To Vote for my brother
2.) Invest in my future. I need a retirement fund badly so that I do not have to work all the way into my 80's.
3.) Probably do a little shopping because I was all of the following

4.) Go on a cruise because I just love those darn things.
Those are the top 4 things on my list at the moment. And of course there's always giving some of it away because paying it forward is important always.

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